Power Integrations’ CAPZero X-Cap Discharge ICs Certified to Comply With New, Immediate & Mandatory IEC Safety Regulations

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Power Integrations (Nasdaq: POWI), the leader in high-voltage integrated circuits for energy-efficient power conversion, today announced that its CAPZero™ automatic X-capacitor discharge IC is now certified to meetIEC CTL DSH 1080, the new mandatory addition to the Certification Body (CB) scheme of the IEC60950 and IEC60065 standards governing X-capacitor discharge safety regulations. CAPZero ICs are simple, SO-8-packaged, two-terminal devices that require only the addition of discharge resistors to automatically implement the X-capacitor discharge function.

New power supplies must comply immediately with the IEC CTL DSH 1080 requirement, which ensures that a power supply’s X-capacitor safety-discharge function remains operational over the life of the product. CB-certified X-capacitor discharge devices such as CAPZero ICs pass a stringent safety-testing protocol including a lengthy period of high-temperature and high-humidity testing and high voltage line-surge testing. Power supplies using a certified X-capacitor discharge device are deemed automatically compliant. Power supplies not utilizing a CB-certified device, including those using discrete components or other non-certified ICs, must pass the same environmental tests as well as line-surge testing with all protection devices such as varistors and bulk capacitors removed. Any redesign would result in a need for re-certification of the power supply.

AG奔驰宝马多人版Comments Edward Ong, product manager at Power Integrations: “Our power-saving CAPZero ICs make IEC compliance simple and quick, saving considerable cost and effort for designers seeking to meet emerging no-load and standby requirements.CAPZero devices can be positioned before or after the system input fuse and are suitable for a wide variety of power supply applications.”